網絡自由電子報|Free Internet Digest (Dec 2012)

微信監控|Watch Out WeChat 
Dissident Hu Jia complained on Twitter about how easy WeChat – a slick text and voice instant messaging app developed by Chinese Internet giant Tencent that closely resembles WhatsApp – has made it to keep him and other Chinese dissidents under real-time surveillance.
香港獨立媒體網: WeChat微信--監控進行中
中國官民微博戰| Chinese official’s manipulating Weibo

The number of verified government accounts on China’s most-popular microblog service tripled in a year, underscoring how Communist Party officials have come to recognize social media’s power in controlling public opinion.
國際連線|Global News

國際電訊聯盟| ITU
WCIT 2012會議是一聯合國旗下,由世界各國電訊管理機構組成的組織「國際電訊聯盟」(簡稱 ITU)召開,其中一個目的是要擴大職權,從電訊管理延伸到互聯網的管理。不少評論認為這會議會在基礎技術和電訊法例的層次合理化互聯網的監控。
The International Telecommunications Union, a United Nations organization that counts 193 countries as its members. It conducted a review of the international agreements governing telecommunications and aimed to expand its regulatory authority to the Internet at a summit in December in Dubai.

香港獨立媒體網: 全球聯署最後機會:ITU,別插手我們的互聯網
CNET: Russians back down from leaked U.N. Internet proposal
Domains: Reuters: ITU: Russia Backed By China, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and the UAE Wants To Take Control Away From ICANN
Register: European Parliament votes to fight ITU internet power grab
New York Times: Keep the Internet Open

南韓|South Korea

南韓攝影師兼社運人士Park Jung-geun因轉發北韓官方Twitter的「推文」,於今年1月被逮捕,11月被監禁10個月,緩期執行。據CNN的報導指出,2008年保守派總統李明博上場初期,運用《國家安全法》拘捕網上發布「支持北韓言論」的人只有5人,兩年後急升至82人。該法例適用範圍愈來愈廣泛。
Park Jung-geun, a South Korean photographer/activist, was arrested for retweeting North Korean official Twitter account’s messages back in January. He received a suspended 10 month jail term in November.

香港獨立媒體網:南韓人惡搞北韓tweet 判監十個月
Globalvoices: A South Korean Received 10 Month-Jail Term for Retweeting North Korean Tweets
Asia Times: Seoul takes aim at internet critics
CNN: South Korean ‘joke’ may lead to prison

中國的網絡監控技術及手段,向世界各地輸出,其中一個受害國是巴基斯坦。當地網民寫給中國網民的信,呼籲關注,並走在一起捍衞自由的空間。信的作者是Sana Saleem,一個叫 Speak out 的組織發起人,該組織一直以來關注巴基斯坦的言論自由政策。
I am writing this letter to you on behalf of many Pakistani Internet users who are currently fighting their government’s attempt to restrict their access to information. The 20 million Internet users in Pakistan are on the brink of being monitored, filtered and possibly silenced for their views, and we fear that the government of China and Chinese spy-tech companies are aiding this human rights violations.

香港獨立媒體網: 轉載:巴基斯坦網民致中國網民的信
Bolobhi: To the Netizens of China From Pakistan


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