網絡自由電子報|Free Internet Digest (Oct 2013)

Free internet digest
網絡謠言法|Rumour law 

PRC Top court introduces sentences of up to three years for libellous posts forwarded over 500 times or messages leading to mass protests. An online campaign helped a Chinese teenager to avoid becoming the first person charged with the “rumour law” on the internet.

天涯: 最高檢最高法今日出台有關網絡誹謗司法解釋:誹謗信息被轉發500次可判刑
SCMP: Up to three years in prison for Chinese internet users who spread rumours 
FT: China releases teenager accused of online rumour-mongering

蘋果低頭|Apple Kowtow

蘋果公司最近在無預警和解釋下,把其應用軟件商店Apple Store上的OpenDoor翻牆軟體刪除,遭中國網友批評,「水果墮落了。」
Apple has been accused of kowtowing to the Chinese government after it pulled a program from its China App store which allowed users to bypass the country’s strict internet controls.

新唐人電視台:中國網絡審查制度 蘋果也低頭
CNN:Apple slammed in China for pulling firewall-busting app OpenDoor
DailyMail:Apple accused of kowtowing to China after it pulls iPhone app that lets users view banned wetsites



Google uProxy

谷歌宣布一款新的翻牆工具 uProxy。這個瀏覽器擴充工具是藉由互信的朋友間彼此做路由來確保上網的私密與安全,其原理就像是互信的朋友間的個人VPN服務。
Google has teamed up to give net users a better way to securely access content on the web. It’s called uProxy, and it’s a bit like a peer-to-peer VPN hosted by your trusted friends.

香港釸谷: 谷歌研發翻牆工具 uProxy 
iThome: Google發表類翻牆軟體的個人VPN工具uProxy 
Mashable: Google’s uProxy: A Peer-to-Peer Gateway to Internet Freedo 
Geek: Google uProxy lets you surf securely through a friend’s connection


Dropbox has thrown in its lot with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other companies looking for permission to publish information about secret national security requests. The company has filed an amicus brief with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

香港獨立媒體網:Dropbox呈請美國政府 公開索取用戶資料數字

Venturebeat: Dropbox joins Google and Microsoft in fight for right to disclose national security requests
Verge: Dropbox joins the call for transparency, asks government to let it publish surveillance requests

微軟透明報告|Microsoft transparency report

Microsoft handed Australian government agents personal information about more than a thousand users in the first half of 2013, a transparency report reveals.

鳳凰網: 透明報告稱微軟向澳大利亞政府提供逾1000名用戶資訊
威鋒網:微軟向澳洲政府提供用戶信息 涉及1000多個帳號
Guardian: Microsoft gave Australian agents information on more than 1,000 users
Dailytelegraph: Microsoft hands user data to Aust govt


Civil society groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International called on members of the UN Human Rights Council to measure their laws against international human rights standards concerning individual privacy.

香港獨立媒體網:斯諾登之後民間如何制衡Big Brother的監視?
網管人:老大哥在看你! 談大數據與小個資
Global Voices: Advocates Push for Privacy at the UN
Access: Surveillance and Human Rights Principles are launched at 24th Session of the Human Rights Council

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